Quality is the cornerstone of every endeavor including Design, Manufacturing, Delivery and after-sale Service at Arrow Coach.

Stringent quality adherence has been awarded with:

  • ISO 9001:2008 certification for quality
  • All our design are as per the latest bus code norms AIS-052 prescribed by the Government of India
  • All vehicles built by us are 100% rollover compliant providing more stability to the vehicle structure.
  • Approved as a OEM source for M/s Daimler India
  • Accreditation to National Accreditation Board (NAB) at Pune obtained CIRT certification.
  • Awarded DGS&D (a Government of India body enforcing quality) certification for raw materials.
  • Specialized in adopting ARAI Code for bus manufacturing.
  • Only bus body builder in South India to have built vehicles in all major OEM chassis.

Besides this, Arrow Coach implements a rigorous quality control procedure throughout various stages of production that ensures the delivery of truly world standard buses of the highest standards.

In order to deliver quality vehicles Arrow Coach adopts the following process:

  • All tubular sections used for the structure are in GI
  • All MS components used are hot phosphated (8-tank process) and epoxy coated for must prevention.
  • Zinc rich primer to all welded joints
  • CO2 welding for the entire structure work
  • TIG welding used for all Aluminum components
  • Stretch panel is bonded with the structure using high quality PU sealant to prevent corrosion and rattling on the side body
  • Shoulder panel formed by a single sheet to avoid waviness and water leakage
  • FRP layers applied on the roof of the bus to prevent water leakage
  • In-house FRP (front, rear, dashboard and other components) for flexible design
  • Usage of Jigs and fixtures to have standard products
  • Sourcing of raw materials directly from manufactures with quality certificate
  • Usage of pneumatic tools to ensure product quality in addition to reduction in production lead time
  • Structure tubes are bent using tubular bending machine to ensure uniformity of bend
  • All vehicles are painted inside paintbooth to ensure dust free painting. After painting, heating oven is used for high glossiness
  • Phosphated and painted gussets use in the sub assembly components as stipulated in bus body building certifications.
  • EN8 u-clamp used and tightened with a torque wrench
  • Adequate rubber and sealants used on the interior and exterior paneling process to ensure no metal-to-metal contact


Arrow Coach has a dedicated team with a dedicated vehicle to provide after sales and service for all the vehicles built by us. We realize providing good after-sales service to the customers is the best way to build a long-term relationship with them, earn their loyalty and keep their business.